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The Adoption Tax Credit (2 Thumbs WAY Down)

Claudia over at Musings of the Lame has written a great post about the Adoption Tax Credit on her blog.   She eloquently expresses (better than I could ever dream of doing) why the Adoption Tax Credit is just so wrong.  Towards the bottom of her blog post she has links to write your congressman about not supporting the bill, please use them, it only takes a few minutes to have your voice heard.  She has also written a short, but fabulous piece on the NY Times site about the Adoption Tax Credit.

The Adoption Tax Credit Should be About Foster Children

The adoption tax credit started out helping families who adopted children out of the foster care system.  I am all for that and believe that is an excellent use of our tax money.  These children are in genuine need of stable, loving environments and their adoptive families deserve a tax break.

Now the credit has been perverted into a way that entitled adopters can recoup come of the money they shell out to buy infants, domestically and in other countries.  Call the money they spent fees, it still equates to buying an infant in my eyes.  Okay fine, but now they not only want the ability to buy infants, now we all must subsidize them?  How in the flying f*ck can that be a good idea?

The answer from adopters that I hear most often is that the fees associated with adoption are astronomical and they are entitled to have a family just like everyone else.  Having a tax credit allows them to become families when they otherwise would not have been able to afford it.  I can not get on board with this.  There are so many would-be adopters out there in the US.  If they are so appalled and outraged at the fees they have to pay to grow their family, why not use that voice to OPPOSE the astronomical costs associated with it?  Why just go along with the status quo?  As far as I know, the demand for infants in the US far outweighs the supply.  It is my opinion that adopters refuse to use their voices because they know that if the adoption industry takes away the money involved there will be even less infants available for adoption.  How did I jump to that conclusion?

The Adoption Tax Credit and Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies are businesses.  They have no incentive to present objective information to expecting mothers.  Their incentive is money. No baby available for adoption means no money coming in.  So why on earth would they offer more than a cursory “it’s your right to keep your baby” to expecting mothers who come to them for help? Now, if there were no money involved in the adoption industry, there would be every reason to supply expecting mothers with reams of information about the pro’s and CON’s of giving their child away.  A better informed mother, in my opinion, would mean less infants available and NO ONE, let alone adopters, wants that.

Our government should be concerned with finding homes for children in the foster care system who truly need them, both from an ethical perspective and a financial perspective.  Our government should NOT be concerned with finding babies for adopters who feel entitled to them.  Adoption should ALWAYS be about finding homes for needy children, not finding children for needy parents.