Resources in Connecticut

Connecticut Resources for Keeping Your Baby

One of my main objections to domestic infant adoption is that mothers are not presented real life options to help counteract the costs of keeping and raising your baby.  Since I live in Connecticut, I thought I would share some information here.

Care4Kids program

The Care4kids program helps offset the cost of child care for low to moderate income families in CT.  The income guidelines for 2011-2012  can be found on their site along with downloadable printable application forms.  There are so many great child care facilities in CT that accept Care4kids.  The great thing about this program is that the child care provider gets reimbursed by the state instead of the family paying up front and getting reimbursed.

Bureau of Child Support Enforcement

All children are entitled to received financial support from their fathers, whether they choose to be emotionally involved or not.  You can apply for child support through social services in CT. Click the above link for office locations.  Child support can be court ordered and the father will be held legally responsible.

Winter Heating Assistance Program

This program helps offset the high cost of heating in the winter in CT.  This also includes those who rent.  The income limit for a family of 2 is$22,695.  A household with a child under the age of 6 is considered “vulnerable” and benefits from a higher amount of assistance.

Housing Assistance

This program helps lower income families find safe, affordable housing.

The Husky Health Program

This is a program for low to moderate income families in need of health insurance.  There are many physicians and hospitals that will accept Husky insurance.

SNAP program

Nutritional assistance (formerly food stamps) for low income households.  These days you use a card to swipe at registers to purchase food.

WiC Program

This program helps provide age specific foods to women who are breastfeeding and/or their young children.  It can help pay for formula, milk, cheeses, fresh fruit and vegatables, cereal, baby food, etc.  Many women who are leery of “food stamps” go this route instead because it is much more restrictive on what foods it covers and there is less of a stigma involved.

None of these programs need to be a lifelong thing.  Think of them as helping hands, perhaps to get you through high school or college so that you can become independent and self sufficient.  There is no reason you have to give up your child for adoption for monetary reasons.  Use these programs to see your young family through a temporary situation.  Adoption is a permanent solution to that temporary situation.


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