You can contact me directly at leenilee at att dot net. I welcome all birth/first mothers in need of more personal one on one support.  Please do not hesitate to email me.


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  1. avril

    Oh wow, after all these aeons of trying to get through the fog on my own ( while reading and feeling the
    ignorant, unknowing comments and preconceptions) I have just come across this(you) group of people.. I live in England and the corruption is just as bad here. They are in fact targeting abused
    children who are not even pregnant yet! Speculating, encouraging abuse of girls by abusive parents and basically holding the bucket out to catch the “saved” baby. Not many people can believe that child protection officers are grooming
    young (in trouble) girls to be cash cows. Their psychological abuse was incredibly cruel and vindictively sadistic. The social worker told me that I deserved to be abused and that she was teaching me a lesson for opening my legs. She laughed when I was being battered because I would’nt let go of my son. She said that my son would never be safe unless I signed the papers. So I did. ( 1986 adoption and no nothing has changed)
    How dare they abuse me and my son (28yrs old) in this way. Do I sound crazy?
    I bloody am now !

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