Thoughts from the Express Checkout Lane

Soooo I’m at the grocery store (yeah the day before Thanksgiving like an asshole) and I’m waiting in the express checkout lane. The sign clearly states 10 items or less and yet I’m the 10th person in line behind 7 people who definitely have more than 10 items. Okay, having 12 items isn’t the worst thing in Earth, but am I the only one who counts my items prior to getting in that lane??? So I’m kind if pissed.

I start thinking what the hell gives them the right to be in this fucking lane? Can they not read? No it’s that they think their lives are more important and busier than the rest id us 10 item-ers. They feel the rules don’t apply to them because since they really really really need to get out fast they are entitled to service they don’t qualify for. At this point you’re probably asking yourself what the hell does this have to do with adoption?!? Well, I’ll tell you.

That express lane is a representation of our society’s sense of entitlement. 13 items? No one will notice if I just slide right on in there. If no one says anything about it than it must be ok, right? I’m über busy, so muchly much-much more busy than all these other people waiting in line!

Infertile? I really really want to have a fresh baby. I’m ever so much more entitled than those other poor schmucks over there. So what if my baby comes at a hefty price to those other mothers? So what if my adoption isn’t all that ethical? If no one says anything, it must be okay right?

Alright, maybe it’s a piss poor analogy, but I’m tired from standing in line with my 6 items and 3 kids annoying the shit out of me and everyone around us for 45 minutes while the 13 item people stunk up the joint.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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