Ground Rules (Turn Away from the Light, CarolAnne)

Instead of jumping right in with a gut wrenching post about how adoption came into my life (which I will get around to doing at some point), I thought it would be better to start off with some ground rules so that you, the reader, can make an educated decision about what you take into that brain of yours.

#1. This is MY truth.  I speak for NO ONE but myself.  I do not speak for all First Mothers, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

#2. I have stopped towing the adoption triad line.  I will not be using this blog to extol the virtues of adoption…if that is why you are here, turn away from the light, CarolAnne.

#3. I am making a decision here and now not to delete comments that disagree with my own opinions.  I will most certainly comment right back atcha though.

#4. I arm myself with sarcasm and profanity.  If your eyes are too dainty to take in 4 letter words and self deprecating sarcasm, again turn away from the light.

#5. I will not at all times choose the “right” or most PC adoption terms.  I will use terms I am most comfortable with.  I will use the terms “birth mother” and “first mother” interchangeably because at this point in my life neither make me feel better or worse about my truth.

#6. I will at times, contradict myself.  How I feel at this moment on this day may or may not jibe with how I feel on a different day.

#7. I am an agnostic.  I don’t do God-speak well, and especially not organized religion. You will not see empty sayings like, “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle” on my blog (what a crock of shite).

#8. I also don’t do politics.

#9. I will be willing to read opposing viewpoints and arguments.  However, if you come here calling birthmothers whores, expect me to call adoptive parents willing participants in the baby buying industry.

#10. I am most interested in hearing other birth mother and adoptee stories.  I need to come clean that I am really not overly concerned with the adoptive parents’ truths since it is my belief that they are the ones who most benefit from modern adoption practices.

So that’s it (for now).  I reserve the right to change any of these rules at a moment’s notice.


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